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Joe Jeffery publishes article in “For the Defense” examining an ERISA fiduciary’s right to contribution and indemnity under ERISA

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The December 2015 issue of DRI’s For the Defense magazine features an article examining a decades-long split in the federal courts of appeals over whether an ERISA fiduciary who is jointly and severally liable to an ERISA plan is entitled to seek contribution or indemnity from a more culpable co-fiduciary.  This article examines the primary arguments for and against permitting such actions and finds that, while arguments advocating rights of contribution and indemnity are well-founded, recognizing them would likely be a bridge too far under the Supreme Court’s current ERISA jurisprudence

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Elizabeth Doolin and Julie Wall publish article in “For the Defense” on critical litigation hold issues

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The December 2013 issue of DRI’s For the Defense magazine features an in-depth examination of when a party’s litigation hold notice must go to third parties who may be in possession of documents and electronically stored information within the control of that party, written by CMN members Elizabeth Doolin and Julie Wall.  This article presents crucial information for litigants about this rapidly-developing area of the law.

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CMN Publishes 2010 Life, Health, Disability Law Survey

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Chittenden, Murday & Novotny’s article “Recent Developments in Health Insurance, Life Insurance, and Disability Insurance Case Law” was recently published in the Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Law Journal at 45-2 Tort Trial & Ins. Prac. L.J. 397 (Winter 2010).

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